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Beneath the Falcon
MLK bookmark mockup.jpg
ID Lanyard Mockup.jpg

Client 1: Martin Luther King Jr., Committee

Ad Campaign & Print

Ad campaign competition for the 2024 Arizona State University Martin

Luther King Jr.  committee’s celebrations.

My team and I tasked with designing a theme for the annual breakfast,

marches, and celebrations on campus celebrating and honoring Dr. King’s

legacy and applying it to a modern context.

My concept “Beneath the Surface” was inspired by Dr. King’s ideals of

seeing people for their values, rather than their skin color and therefore

asking people to look “Beneath the Surface”.

The annual breakfast is a prestigious event that honors local heroes and

community members.  The winners of a statewide K-12 essay and art that

exhibit Dr. King’s ideals are announced during the breakfast.


I played on my “Beneath the Surface” theme by making bookmarks and

lanyards with the school mascot of the K-12 winner such as the “Beneath the Falcon”

you see.

“Beneath the Surface” went to the finals of the client competition.

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